Wednesday, March 16, 2005

BBC History Time Tunnel Flash Site ("Should")

I used this BBC Time Tunnel site in class yesterday with a group of upper-intermediate teenagers, as part of English File Upper Intermediate lesson on "should"

I focused on the 1950s living room and the main question was: "What shouldn't be there?"

It worked well. Afterwards, we used a snapshot of the living room to focus on the structure / vocabulary


Blogger seznam said...

Nice idea! :-)

Do you have a flipchart that I could steal for inclusion on the Teaching Materials Bank??? (sorry to bring it back to work, but ... some would say I'm obsessed!)

All the best,

Monday, 16 May, 2005  
Blogger Graham said...

Absolutely Rena. I'll clean it up, write you some notes and send you a copy


Monday, 16 May, 2005  

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